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Wrongful Death Settlements In Texas

In Harris County Texas in March 2010, a jury awarded $82.54 million in the case of the wrongful death of 27 year old Josua Wade Petrie who was killed in a workplace accident.

In Texas the state legislature brought in the original Wrongful Death Statute in 1860, and since then it has been amended, codified and re-codified until today it is in Chapter 72 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. In the US there are different laws about who may be entitled to settlements in respect of a wrongful death. In the State of Texas, people who can claim compensation for a wrongful death are the spouse, parents and children of the accident victim.

Wrongful death is a death that occurs because of the negligence or a wrongful act of another person. For example, a driver of a vehicle might have been driving dangerously and killed a pedestrian. This is a wrongful act. A case of negligence might be that an employer did not strictly adhere to Health and Safety regulations in the workplace, and a death resulted because of his negligence in health and safety matters. There are many examples of a wrongful death, as it may have been caused by a slip and fall injury, or defective drugs, or medical malpractice. If you think you have a case for a claim for wrongful death, contact a law firm that specialize in such cases and ask their advice.

Taxes Lawsuit Settlements can be high, because of the way compensation is calculated. If you file a case for compensation in respect of an unlawful death, you can claim for immediate medical expenses and funeral costs to be paid. This is just at the start of the claim however. You can claim for the loss of earnings of the victim and these are calculated form the age of the victim at the time of death until retirement age, so the younger the deceased, the more compensation due. Loss of benefits to family members also comes into the equation, for example loss of pension, medical coverage etc.

Perhaps an inheritance is lost because of the untimely death, and this can be added to the claim. An attorney will also advise requesting compensation for the pain, anguish and suffering caused to relatives, and any medical treatment they need, perhaps bereavement counseling because of the death. Apart from this relatives can claim for the loss of care, protection and companionship which happened because of the death. Then there are general and punitive damages to be taken into account.

Whatever the circumstances, if a wrongful death is proved, then relatives in Texas are entitled to monetary compensation from the defendant (the person deemed responsible for the death of their loved one). This is a legal right, so if you have a case then you really should contact a law firm or an attorney who specializes in wrongful death actions. Settlements can be high, and although they don't take away grief, they make your life easier after an unexpected death.